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It is the many years of training and education for pregnant women, young mothers, their babies and children of all ages, coupled with a rich maternal experience with 3 children that Alia has developed a range of complete course, for a public going from the pregnant woman to the teenager with a method adapted to each woman and each stage of the childhood.
After having created and developed for 5 years the AliaOm Yoga Center in Annemasse, Alia lives today in Pondicherry. She organizes trips to India and is dedicated to the training of yoga teachers in France and abroad.
Alia is dedicated to teaching yoga for women using the principles of Yogatherapy, Chronobiology and Tantra.
Adapting the practice of yoga for women is the key to their well-being.

It is a system that allows you to pay attention to yourself, it is also a spiritual development that helps for everything:

  • Optimize our physical and mental health, improve our flexibility, restore physical strength, help strengthen the immune system to maintain balance, improve heart function, strengthen bones, improve coordination, reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, help to lose weight, provide a feeling of general well-being and a positive vision, a fulfilling sex life and finally equanimity.
  • In relation to the health of women in particular, yoga allows a hormonal balance, which helps to effectively manage the menstrual cycle, the difficulties during menopause and boost fertility.

AliaOm Yoga Teacher Training

Alia offers professional trainings, workshops and workshops for prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, children’s yoga – from 6 months to adolescence – and restorative yoga.
Her classes and workshops focus on the well-being of each one following the principles of yogatherapy.


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“Yogatherapy is the specific use of yoga tools applied to the prevention and treatment of people suffering from pathologies.”


“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the spirit, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life”


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The Zen broadcast

In this Zen show, I was talkative! I'm talking about the origin of women's yoga and my Yogatherapist, chronobiology job, my life in Pondicherry, the Dr.Jocelyne

Yoga for Woman

By Alia M’hamdi | AliaOm Yoga Today, a large number of women practice and teach yoga, most of them are unaware of the effects of the exercises on their womb.

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I teach yoga using my knowledge of this art of living, my passion for studying the body’s structure and functions, my love for India and its culture.

I am a mother of three beautiful children, a yogatherapist and yoga educator, creator of AliaOm Yoga teacher trainings, an eternal student and globetrotter.