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Terms of Sales

PREAMBLE: is an online platform (the « Platform ») that connects users (« Users ») wishing to participate in courses, trainings, workshops, stays or any other event around Yoga with them. or providers acting as external actors (the « Providers »).
Alia M’hamdi (« Alia »), is the owner of the website (the « Site »)
Through its Platform, Alia offers a wide range of individual and collective yoga classes (the « Services »), accessible via the Internet and payable online.
It is already stated that Alia is not intended to dispense all the Services itself. Some services are provided by the Service Providers selected by Alia, under their sole responsibility, Alia acting solely as an intermediary.

Alia M’hamdi: domiciled at 8A Labourdonnais Street 605001 Pondicherry – India
User: Anyone interested in one or more Services provided by the Providers.

The purpose of these presents is to govern the contractual relations of Alia and the Service Providers with the Users.

Alia makes the Platform available to Users, accessible via the Site.
Alia is committed to making its best efforts to ensure the continued operation of the Platform.
However, it is agreed that Alia can not be held responsible in the event of a specific technical problem that prevents the consultation of the Platform.
In addition, Users are informed that access to the Platform may be interrupted, suspended or modified, without notice, particularly for maintenance operations.
Lastly, any event affecting occasional or continuous access to the Platform can not engage Alia’s liability.
Users will not be able to solicit the slightest compensation in these hypotheses.

Alia can connect Users with Providers.
As such, Alia ensures the selection of qualified and adapted Service Providers, in accordance with the quality charter that it has established.
The choice by a User to use the Services offered on the Platform is, however, his sole initiative.
Alia can not be held liable for the performance of the Services, which is the sole responsibility of the Providers, who are the sole guarantors of their availability, the quality of their intervention and the smooth running of the courses they are responsible for running.
It is expressly stated that Alia does not exercise systematic control and therefore assumes no liability in connection with:
– the quality, the conformity or the adequacy of the Services offered by the Providers,
– the reliability and accuracy of any information relating to the Services and the Providers,
– any falsification of the documents produced by the Providers.
In case of difficulty related to the progress of a Service, the Users concerned are invited to contact Alia to indicate the existence of the problem and provide all the relevant information to enable him to assess the situation, it being specified that any false statement exposes them to possible sanctions.
All reports must be sent to the email address
Alia will make her best efforts to solve the problem. It is understood, however, that the resolution of the problem encountered will depend exclusively on the will of the persons involved.
Alia reserves the right to take all necessary measures against a Service Provider or a defaulting User, who will incur the suspension or deletion of his account, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed.
Alia disclaims any liability in the event of a health problem encountered by a User during a Service.
As such, prior to booking a course via the Platform, Users undertake to seek the advice of a physician and follow its recommendations. It is specified that a medical certificate is likely to be required by Alia or by the service providers.
It is also the responsibility of the User to inform the Provider of any particularity related to his state of health before the beginning of the course (accident, injury, operation, pregnancy, etc.).

Users are informed that they will have to create a user account to be able to access all the services of the Platform and in particular to buy Services.
Creating an account involves providing a certain amount of personal information: Civility; Name; First name; E-mail ; Postal code ; Country of residence ; Phone number.
Each User is fully responsible for the use of his identifiers, which he undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose in any form whatsoever to third parties.
The User agrees to provide accurate and complete information that will be updated with each change of situation. Therefore, Alia can not be held responsible for the inadequacy or ineffectiveness of the services offered by the Platform in case of false, imprecise, inaccurate or obsolete information.
Users accept and understand that the quality of the Services is highly dependent on the attitude and behavior of the Users.
Users undertake to adopt a cordial attitude toward other Users and Providers.
As such, the Users prohibit any behavior likely to affect the progress or the quality of the Services, which implies to opt for an outfit and a correct language and to avoid any provocative or aggressive attitude.
Users are informed that they will have access to different sections of the Platform. They undertake to abide by rules of good conduct, and in particular not to broadcast or publish content that is prejudicial to the rights of Alia or third parties, in the form of denigration, insult, defamation, harassment or any other behavior. harmful in particular likely to constitute an offense within the meaning of the law of July 29, 1881 on the freedom of the press.
In addition, Users undertake not to use the Platform to promote other platforms that are competitors or similar as such, offering similar products and services, and not to divert Users or Service Providers.
Users will follow the instructions sent by Alia or by the provider when confirming them to them by email.

Any reservation of a Service supposes the unconditional acceptance of these General Conditions and the legal notices by the User.
These General Conditions and the legal notices are accessible at any time by a link at the bottom of the Site.
Alia reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and legal notices at any time. In this case, the applicable forecasts will be those in force on the date of the reservation by the User.

When a User wishes to benefit from a Service, the User must first be aware of the conditions and details of the Service before making his reservation.
The reservation of a Service is validated only from the moment the User has paid this Benefit online.
The payment entails the formation of a firm commitment between the User and Alia if she is the organizer or the provider in charge of the event.
If it is impossible for the Service Provider or Alia to honor this reservation (for example in the event of a serious event), Alia or the Service Provider will use their best efforts to propose an alternative solution to the User as soon as possible, or failing this, he will be offered a credit for the amount disbursed for the canceled service.
Users are informed that the right of withdrawal is inapplicable, as provided for in Article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code.
The payment of the service is carried out by credit card (are accepted the cards of the network “CB”, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard and American Express), by secure payment Via PAYPAL made available to the Users on the Platform.
In any case, a Service can not be carried out in the absence of the payment of the price of the Service.
After the performance of the Service, any User who requests it may receive an invoice for the Service specifying in particular:
– the full name, address, registered capital, the individual VAT identification number and the SIREN number of Alia or the service provider.
– the date of the service,
– the names and email address of the Service Provider,
– the name of the User,
– the detailed count,
– the total amount paid inclusive of all taxes.

In case of cancellation of your service and for whatever reason, we ask you to send an email as soon as possible to the organizer of the service.
These cancellations will under no circumstances give rise to a refund however the user who can not enjoy his benefit will be able to give way to a person of his choice. It is understood that the person designated by the user must have the prerequisites to participate in the service.
THERE IS NO EXCEPTION to this cancellation policy, including for reasons related to weather, terrorism, civil war, emergency, family or medical or other circumstances beyond our control . Therefore, we strongly encourage customers to subscribe to cancellation insurance especially for stays. We suggest you take out cancellation insurance with an insurance company.

Any clause of the present general conditions of sale which would be declared null or illicit by a Judge will be deprived of effect, but its nullity could not affect the other stipulations, nor affect the validity of the present general conditions as a whole or in their legal effects.
Alia will not be held responsible, or considered to have failed these general conditions of use for any delay or non-performance where the cause of the delay or the non-performance is related to a case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation. In case of force majeure, Alia’s obligations will be suspended for the duration of the contract.
The User agrees to comply with these Terms of Use. In case of violation of these conditions, Alia reserves the right to suspend or delete the account of a User, or take other appropriate measures against it, with immediate effect and without notice. The User may not claim any refund of amounts corresponding to unused credits if any, if they are not expired, or to any compensation.
Any User undertakes to guarantee and indemnify Alia against the consequences of any claim emanating from a third party resulting from the violation by the User of the terms of these General Conditions of Use, of a legislative or regulatory provision, or of an intellectual property right. The User undertakes to bring his full and complete cooperation in the context of the processing of the complaint of another User against him or the possible negotiation of a transactional solution.

The General Conditions of Use are subject to French law. Any dispute between a User and Alia will be brought before the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris, except in cases where a conventional attribution of jurisdiction would not be opposable to the User as a consumer.