By Alia M’hamdi | AliaOm Yoga

Today, a large number of women practice and teach yoga, most of them are unaware of the effects of the exercises on their womb.

Why women’s are not aware about the effects of practice on their body part?

Because the yoga was originally developed by men for the body of the man and until very recently, teaching was transmitted exclusively by male lineages.

Traditional forms of yoga teaching have little awareness of the uterus space, there is a lot of ignorance and confusion about what happens in a woman’s lower abdomen when she applies these exercises .


Then why do so many women’s practice a yoga today?

The simplest answer: Perhaps yoga makes us feel good and is now accessible to women!

It is a system that allows you to pay attention to yourself, it is also a spiritual development that helps us for everything: optimize our physical and mental health, improve our flexibility, give us physical strength, help us strengthen the system immune to preserve our balance, improve the function of the heart, strengthen the bones, improve coordination, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help lose weight, provide a feeling of general well-being and a positive vision, a life fulfilled sexuality and finally equanimity.

In relation to women’s health in particular, yoga allows a hormonal balance, which helps to effectively manage the menstrual cycle, the difficulties during menopause and boosting fertility. The application of yoga provides support during pregnancy, birth and better postnatal recovery.

« Many health problems faced by women find their roots in stressful life patterns that disconnect them from their inner nature, leaving them exhausted, irritated and often sick. »*

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