About this training…

Beyond the teaching of postnatal yogatherapy, learn during this training to teach baby yoga positions (from 6 weeks to 3 years), helping to achieve a harmonious development by promoting among other things, digestion and improving one’s sleep.

In addition to the exercises for moms that can be practiced without a baby in a classic post-natal yoga class, you will learn how to teach baby yoga positions lying on your back, stomach and then sitting and standing, always with your mom.

For little yogis, the practice of playful movements allows him to take possession of his body and improve his coordination by having fun and socializing with other children.

Training program:
  • What is yoga for mom and baby
  • Mom and baby yoga class observation during training,
  • Anatomy, physiology, and development of the baby and the child until 2 years old: an exploration through yoga postures.
  • A complete directory of baby yoga practice for different age groups
    (6 weeks / 6 months – 6 months / 9 months – 9 months / 12 months – 1 year / 3 years)
    including songs and choreographies,
    movements to get up with a baby in arms,
    wear it, relieve it and breastfeeding postures.
  • Teaching methodology: pedagogy, organization, communication, planning, and presentation.
  • Design lesson plans, sequences and course structures for different levels of yoga postures.
  • Rhythm and course, detailed analysis of contraindications, safety instructions and precautions to take with young mothers and their babies.
  • Ethics for baby yoga teachers
  • Set up yoga classes for mom and baby but also courses of little yogi and their operation (marketing).

Regular practice of Yoga


21h / 3 days


Personal work needed

Maximum people per edition.




“Only two things can be given to his children: roots and wings.”